4 Signs It Is Time To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

In many ways, a septic system manages household waste just as well as a municipal sewer system. One big difference though is that unlike with a sewer system, a septic tank needs to be pumped to remove a build up of waste when it becomes full. Ideally, if you have a septic system, you should have it inspected regularly to make sure it is in good condition and to have the waste levels checked. But even if you forget to schedule this service, there are several signs that it is time to have your septic tank pumped. Common symptoms of a septic tank nearing capacity include:

Pools of Water in Your Yard

When a septic system is working properly, the liquid waste stays underground and unnoticeable. But as the septic tank gets full and solid waste begins the clog the drain field pipes that typically dispose of the liquid waste, waste water will be pushed up to the surface. This can cause pools of waste water in many places in your yard, but it most commonly occurs around the drain field for your septic system.

Drain Problems

When a septic tank is getting overly full, you will most likely notice that the drains in your home may be slow and have problems draining because there is very little room in the tank for the liquid. In most cases, you will know that the problem lies with the septic tank and not the drains themselves since all of the drains in the home will probably be affected.

Bad Smells on Your Property

As waste begins to near the top of a septic tank and waste water begins to push towards the surface, you will probably start to notice some nasty smells around your property from the waste. Pay particular attention to the area directly above your septic tank and the drain field, as these are often the first places that begin to get smelly when its time to have your septic tank pumped.

Unusually Green Grass Around the Drain Field

One of the earliest signs that a septic tank is close to capacity is unusually thick and green grass in the area where drain field pipes are located. This often means that waste water is beginning to rise and is fertilizing the grass. Getting your septic tank pumped at this point is the best thing you can do to avoid future problems. Companies like River City Septic & Excavating may be able to help meet your needs in this area.