Worried About Your Diesel's Exhaust And Its Effects On The Environment? Three Easy Ways To Clean It Up

While driving around the nearest diesel depot, where all the truck drivers pull over for sleep or food, you may see a lot of dirty exhaust pumped into the air. If you also drive a truck but you are worried about what your truck's exhaust is doing to the environment, there are ways you can clean up the exhaust. Some simple maintenance tasks and even some cleaning solutions can help. Here is a list of tasks and cleaners that can help you preserve the environment while you drive a truck.

Clean the Exhaust Manifolds

This is a highly technical process, since part of your truck's engine will need to be taken apart to get to the manifolds. If you are really familiar with a truck engine and you feel comfortable enough to do the job yourself, then you can clean the manifolds so that they are free of dust and ash. If you do not feel comfortable enough to do this on your own, a trusted diesel mechanic can do it for you. Either way, clean manifolds equals less dirt and ash in your truck's exhaust, which equals less thick, black smoke pouring from your truck's exhaust pipes.

Install Diesel Exhaust Pipe Filters

There are special filters you can buy and then insert in your truck's exhaust system. As the dirty exhaust passes through these filters, the nastier particles are trapped in the filter while the cleaner exhaust is released into the air. Just like filters for your furnace at home, you will need to replace these filters frequently, since they are not washable or reusable. Most trucks do not come with the filters installed already, so you will have to buy them and install them or have a mechanic install them and change them for you.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with Diesel Exhaust Fluid

SRC is an exhaust-cleaning approach using diesel exhaust fluid to clean the burning diesel fuel before it reaches the exhaust manifolds. It does this by preventing the production of nitrogen-oxide particulates in the burning fuel. You may need to add an engine component to your truck that will allow you to add the exhaust fluid every time you start the truck. Adding the part should be left to a mechanic, since most of the engine needs to be taken apart before the component can be installed. Then you can add diesel exhaust fluid every so many thousands of miles. When used in conjunction with the filters and cleaning the manifolds, you can significantly reduce the dirt in the exhaust and subsequently reduce the damaging effects on the environment.

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