Emerging Technologies For Water Treatment In A Remote Area

If you're in a remote area, it can be tough to get safe drinking water. Fortunately, these days, there are a number of surprising new technologies that can allow you to fulfill your water needs without having to worry about toxins or doing extensive testing to make sure water is safe.

Self-filling Water Bottles

This technique will work primarily in a humid area, but it's completely straight-forward in terms of safety. When water becomes vapor and enters the air, it's generally free of toxins since the toxins won't tend to follow the water into the air. This is why boiling water has been used for so long as a means to purify water. The problem is that it's so energy intensive.

One solution to this issue is using special filters to collect moisture from the air into a bottle. There are now such inventions available on the market in multiple different types. For example, some connect to bikes and filter moisture in the air into liquid form through condensation collecting on the front of the contraption as a bike moves through the air.

Others use solar power to condense moisture from the air into a bottle via a fan. All you have to do is set it up and wait a few hours, and you'll get water just filling up in your water bottle all by itself. 

UV Filtration

Another effective way to filter water in a remote area is to use natural sunlight. There are systems out there where you can fill a special bag with water of whatever kind, and it will utilize sunlight in order to destroy any nasty bacteria that might be in the water. Other filters on the device will then filter the water of particles. The system is usable remotely as a result of using sunlight directly.

Sun-powered Reverse Osmosis

Another approach involving the sun is to use it for energy to power reverse osmosis filtration instead of destroying toxins in the water directly. Many remote areas often sold soda more cheaply than water, but have reversed this thanks to "photovoltaic powered reverse osmosis." This is known as "PVRO" for short.

By forcing water through special membranes using solar power, you'll ensure that both biological and material contaminants can be filtered out entirely. This is a good approach if you're going to be in a fixed location because the filtration system needs to be larger. 

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