About Hiring An Environmental Consultant To Inspect & Treat Hazardous Land

Did you inherit a large piece of land that you intend to farm crops on for a profit? Before you jump into growing crops, it is in your best interest to consult with an environmental specialist so he or she can determine if there is any hazardous waste in the soil that you should be concerned about. Find out in this article why hiring an environmental consultant is ideal in the event that your land contains hazardous waste.

1.  Avoid Growing Toxic Crops

Being that you intend of growing crops that will be consumed by other people, it is important to make sure that they are safe. Simply planting seeds and growing the crops can lead to you getting sued if your customers get sick after consuming your products. An environmental consultant will perform tests on the soil to make sure that there are no toxins in it. You can also expect the groundwater under the soil to be inspected for toxins, as it can affect the safety of your crops as well. Basically, samples from different areas of the soil and groundwater will be obtained to be analyzed in a laboratory.

2. Make Sure Hazardous Waste is Removed

There are various types of hazardous waste remediation methods that can be done depending on what kind of contaminants are found in the soil. Thermal desorption is a method that is able to volatize contaminants like oil and hydrocarbons. It is also possible that the contaminated portions of your land will have to be excavated so the soil can be transported to a special type of landfill. As for treating contaminated groundwater, the specialist can make sure that the water is pumped and treated for removal of the contaminants. Bioremediation can also be used for treating groundwater via bacteria that can consume the contaminants.

3. Make Sure Your Crops Are Grown Legally

After you have had your land inspected and treated for hazardous waste, an environmental consultant can discuss any regulations that you must follow to legally grow crops. For instance, your land might have to undergo occasional inspections to make sure that the soil and groundwater is still safe enough for growing crops. If you fail to keep up with inspections, you can find yourself in deep legal trouble and your farm being temporarily or even permanently shut down when you least expect it. Hire an environmental consultant to find out if there is any hazardous waste on your land that should be removed as soon as possible.